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India’s increasing engagement with the international community has resulted in a large number of visits to India by foreign dignitaries. In terms of strengthening bilateral relations, the year 2010 has seen high level visits of Heads of State/Government from all P-5 countries – USA, UK, France, Russia and China. Foreign Resident Diplomatic Missions in Delhi continue to increase and Foreign Representatives in Delhi are also growing in size . And as member of hundreds of international organizations India had to attend a number of international conferences every year. It may be pointed out the country’s heightened external engagement in the form of 165% increase in high-level visits and 166% increase in India’s trade in the past five years in addition to 300% jump in the FDI inflow and 76% jump in foreign tourists visiting the country in the last five years coupled with the country’s deepening linkages with its bilateral and multilateral partners and its claim for permanent membership of the UN Security Council along with the need to tackle “new issues” like international terrorism, human rights, migration, environment and quest for sustainable energy source calls for better representation of the country in the global fora of India’s increasing global engagement.

All this underlines that with the international community viewing India as an emerging global player, its increasing diplomatic activities- political, economic and strategic- need to be studied to develop a body of informed opinion on Indian foreign affairs in the context of the developments in international politics.

Foreign Policy Research Centre, New Delhi, is purely an independent research institute devoted to conduct in-depth study and research on every aspect of Indian Foreign Policy in international perspective as well as in the context ofcontemporary world developments.

According to a report on Indian Think Tanks (2009),prepared by University of Pennsylvania, 422 think tanks operate from 525 locations in India. Only 38, or 9% of think tanks, research foreign policy, Foreign Policy Research Centre,New Delhi, being one of them.



Foreign Policy Quiz Show

It is a quiz show for all across India who vie for top honours in a head to head challenge with opponents. The series would cover the entire gamut of independent India’s foreign policy and relations. The winners will get attractive cash and other prizes.

The Team at FPRC

Dr.Mahendra Gaur
Dr. Indira Gaur
Mg.Editor, FPRC Journal

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