Foreign Policy School

Certificate Course with Internship

on Indian Foreign Policy, Relations, and Diplomacy

1. FPRC recently (February-May 2022) launched first-ever Online Certificate course (with Internship) on Indian foreign policy for Graduate and Post Graduate students. They belonged to various universities of India-JNU, Delhi University, OP Jindal, Aligarh Muslim University, Calcutta University, Pondicherry University, Amity University, Kurukshetra University, Gujarat University, CSJM University Kanpur,St. Zavier's and Jaihind College, Mumbai, Lady Shri Ram College for Women, Delhi University, Symbiosis School of International Studies, Pune; Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai ;Maharashtra National Law University, Aurangabad (MNLU Aurangabad)

2. 44 video lectures on ZOOM were delivered during 60 days by distinguished policy makers,diplomats, defence analysts, academics and media persons during a live interactive session with PPT . Lecture was followed by Q/A session. There were guest speakers from abroad also-US, China, Japan.

3. During internship, participants were required to write two articles on prior approved topics as part of improvement of writing skill.

Lecture Schedule

Part 1-Indian Diplomacy

  • Economic Diplomacy 

1. Amb.(Dr.)Amrendra Khatua
Former Amb. Of India, Fmr D-G ICCR and Fmr Dean FSI, Director & Founder at Miiccia -15 February,2022

2. Dr. Radha Raghurama patruni
Head, Department of International Business, GITAM (Deemed to be University) Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. 16 Feb

3. Shri Pooran Chandra Pandey
Member of the board of Trustees, World Food Programme Trust for India and founding CEO, DOC Research Institute, Berlin-17 Feb.

4. Dr.Sukalpa Chakrabarty
Deputy Director & Associate Professor Symbiosis School of International Studies, Pune-18 Feb.

5. Ms. Pia Krishnankutty
Senior Correspondent, The Print -19 Feb.

  • Countering terrorism and radicalisation

6. Lt. Gen Kamaljit Singh, PVSM. AVSM & Bar
former Western Army Commander-21 Feb.

7. Dr. Arabinda Acharya
Associate Professor Homeland Security, Rabdan Academy, Abu Dhabi, UAE Formerly at National Defense University, USA, and the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies, Nanyang Technological University in Singapore-22 Feb.

8. Dr. Anshuman Behera
Associate Professor, School of Conflict and Security Studies,National Institute of Advanced Studies,Indian Institute for Science Campus ,Bangalore-23Feb.

  • Science Diplomacy

9. Amb. Balakrishnan-Fmr Ambassador of India
Science Diplomacy Fellow RIS, New Delhi-25 Feb.

  • Indian Diaspora's Partnership with New India

10. Amb. Manju Seth
Fmr Ambassador of India, Advisor with (i) the Organisation for Diaspora Initiatives (ODI), JNU(Jawaharlal Nehru University), (ii) Aambra Foundation and (iii) the Indian Council for International Cooperation(ARSP)-26 Feb.

  • Indian Diplomacy

11. Amb. Anil Trigunayat
Fmr Ambassador of India to Jordan, Libya & Malta
Patron at Indus International Research Foundation Think Rank
President, MIICCIA Chamber of Commerce, ; Co-President,
Secretary Association of Indian Diplomats ( Former Ambassadors)
Distinguished Fellow Vivekananda International Foundation, Feb.

  • Cyber Diplomacy

12. Dr. Sameer Patil
Senior Fellow,ORF. Mumbai-2 March

  • Space Diplomacy

13. Dr. Chaitanya Giri
, RIS-India, New Delhi-3 March

  • India’s Defence Diplomacy

14. Alakh Ranjan
, Independent Researcher -7 March

  • India’s Cultural Diplomacy

15. Amb. Suresh K. Goel
, fmr. Ambassador of India, fmr D-G of the ICCR 9 March

  • India’ s Naval Diplomacy

16. Commodore RS Vasan IN (Retd)
, Director General Chennai Centre for China Studies; Regional Director, National Maritime Foundation TN- 10 March

  • India's Defence Diplomacy-Nuclear Disarmament

17. Dr. Manpreet Sethi
, Distinguished Fellow, at the Centre for Air Power Studies, New Delhi - 11 March

  • Media Diplomacy

18. KVe Prasad
, , former Senior Editor, The Tribune ; Sr. Assistant Editor, The HINDU - 12 March

  • Para Diplomacy

19. Prof. Tridivesh Singh Maini
, OP Jindal University - 14 March

  • Military Diplomacy

20. Ramananda Sengupta
, Foreign and Strategic Affairs Analyst,Consulting Editor, Indian Defence Review -15 March

  • Nuclear Diplomacy

21. Amb. Sheel Kant Sharma
, 9TH Secretary General SAARC -16 March

Part 2 - India’s Foreign Relations

(Political, defence, economic, cultural)

South Asia:

1. Dr. Dhananjay Tripathi
, South Asia University, New Delhi-India and South Asia-21 Marchat 7pm

2. Col. R. Hariharan
, Associate Chennai Centre for China Studies-"Emerging paradigms in India- Sri Lanka relations"-22 March at 7pm

3. Professor Dr. Madhuri Sukhija
, Delhi University-India-Bhutan Relations-23 March at 7pm

4. Dr.Sreeradha Dutta
, Centre Head, Neighbourhood Studies and Sr fellow, Vivekananda International Foundation,New Delhi -India’s Neighbourhood-24 March at 7pm

5. Dr. Gulbin Sultana
, Associate Fellow,Manohar Parrikar Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses,New Delhi-India’s Relations with Maldives- 25 March at 7pm

6. Shri Sanjay Upadhya
, a Nepalese journalist author and analyst based in the United States -India's Relations with Nepal-26 March at 7pm Indian Standard Time

East Asia-West Asia,GULF-EU-Latin America,Africa,Major Powers:

7. Dr Yoichiro Sato
, College of Asia Pacific Studies, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Japan-Maritime Security -March 28 at 7pm Indian Standard Time

8. Dr. Sriparna Pathak
, Associate Professor at the School of International Affairs, of O.P. Jindal Global University, Sonipat, Haryana (India)-India and Unfolding Dynamics in East Asia-March 29 at 7 pm-IST

9. 9. Fei-Ling Wang
, Ph.D.(University of Pennsylvania) Professor at Sam Nunn School of International Affairs, Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta, Rise of China and East Asia-March 30 at 7pm IST(Atlanta, GA, USA-9.30 am local time)

10. Dr. David Arase
, Resident Professor of International Politics at the Hopkins-Nanjing Center of the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies,Nanjing,China-Rise of China/India -China Relations –31 March at 7pm IST

11. Dr. Sitakanta Mishra
, PD Energy University,Gandhi Nagar, Gujarat-India-Pakistan Relations -April 2 at 7pm

12. Dr. Arpita Basuroy
, Fellow at MAKAIAS, Kolkata-India- Afghanistan Relations-4 April at 7 pm

13. Dr. Amrita Jash
, AssistantProfessar,Dept. of Geopolitics and International Relations, Manipal Academy of Higher Education(MAHE)-India-China Boundary Dispute-April 5 at 7 pm

14. Dr. Richard L. Benkin
, an American human rights activist, journalist, writer, and lecturer-India-Israel Relatons-April 6 at 7 pm IST

15. Dr. Manjari Singh
, Associate Fellow- Centre for Land Warfare Studies(CLAWS)-India and Middle East-April 7 at 7 pm

16. Dr. Meena Singhroy
, Sr Fellow,Head Eurasia & West Asia Centre, TillotomaFoundation,DistinguishedFellow,MEI,NewDelhi, Formerly atK.M.Parrikar Inst. for Defence Studies and Analyses- India-Iran Relations-April 8 at 7 pm

17. Maj-Gen Dhruv Katoch
, Director India Foundation, New Delhi- India and Gulf Region-April 9 at 7 pm

18. Dr. Monish Tourangbam
, Amity University, NOIDA India-US Relations-April 11 at 7 pm

19. Dr. K.B.Usha
, JNU-India-Russia Relations-April 12 at 7 pm

20. Dr. Bhaswati Sarkar
, JNU-India and European Union -April 13 at 7 pm

21. Dr. Priti Singh
, JNU-India and Latin America-April 14 at 7pm

22. Dr. Debasis Bhattacharya
, Ph.D. (Oregon - USA)-Professor - Amity Business School, Gurugram-India and Central Asia-April 15 at 7 pm

23. Dr. Meenakshi Ray Ghosh
, Independent Researcher, Mumbai- India and Africa-April 16at 7 pm


Distinguished Diplomats, Defence Analysts, Academics, Media persons say :

  • It's good to know that there's such strong interest among Indian students, as that suggests a bright future for the field there.

All the best,
Daniel S. Markey, Ph.D.
Senior Advisor, South Asia
United States Institute of Peace

  • It's exciting to see you launch this program. Very briefly, I'd suggest that you focus on the unique position India occupies in the region and in the world, beyond the traditional and usual discourse of IR and great power politics. Some elective courses on India-China and India-US relations are probably very suitable.

All the best,
Fei-Ling Wang, Professor
Sam Nunn School of International Affairs
Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta, GA 30332-0610, US

  • Dear Mr Mahendra,

glad to greet You. Hope You are fine.
I think the themes on Indo-Soviet Relations especially on their initial phase may be useful for Your students.
I wish You all the best.
With respect<
Dr. Larisa A. Chereshneva
Doctor of History, Professor, Head of Oriental Studies Laboratory
 of Lipetsk State Pedagogical P.P. Semenov-Tyan-Shansky University (Russian Federation)

  • Excellent Professor Saheb 

You might like to add Countering terrorism and radicalisation .
Warm regards 
AmbRtn. Anil Trigunayat,

  • What a joy to see this vast initiative.

My best wishes for its success.
An Excellent Initiative. 
Wish you all the very best Prof. Gaur.
Amb. L.L. Mehrotra

  • Congratulations wish you all the very best.

Amb. Preet Malik

  • Dear Mr Gaur,

Thank you for your mail. The programme seems quite interesting. Please send me more details and let me know if I can be of any help.
Best regards
Dr Bhaskar Balakrishnan 
Former Ambassador, Science Diplomacy Fellow RIS 

  • Thank you very much, Mahendraji, and my compliments to you for this excellent initiative. 

Just wanted to enquire details o the Internship programme -- for what level students would the internship be ? UG/PG or post-doc? Also, if there is a physical attachment part in it, for students in the USA wanting an exposure to the country, in addition to the online course.
Amb.Saurabh Kumar

  • It will be a very good course. 

My only suggestion is that there should be inclusion of languages of neighbouring countries in the course. 
Prof. Lipi Ghosh 
Director, Centre for South & Southeast Asian Studies, University of Calcutta

  • Wow...this is an extremely comprehensive syllabus. ----

I'd love to be involved in any way that you think might help. 
Ramananda Sengupta
Foreign and StrategicAnalyst,

Consulting Editor,Indian Defence Review